Kinds of Robots 2 ROV

ROV stands for remotely operated vehicle. This category can be problematic about whether or not a specific ROV is a robot.

Mars rovers have substantial on board intelligence and many sensors. Because of the time lag due to the great distance between the operator on Earth and the rover on Mars, these vehicles can not be controlled directly. The receive a list containing goals, commands, and schedules from their operator and then carry them out autonomously (on their own). To me these are clearly robots.

Airplanes whose pilot is not on board, but at a remote console are not considered robots, by their makers and pilots. They have more sophisticated auto pilots than most airplanes, but are wholly dependent upon the pilot at the console for each individual motion. The pilot has all knowledge of the mission the plane has none.

Yet, on TV, we see Robot Wars, Battlebots, etc. that are popularly considered to be robots although they contain no computer or sensors of any kind. Functionally, they are exactly the same as radio controlled model cars which are not robots.

Are you confused yet? Clearly, I am.

F.I.R.S.T. , the excellent competition for high schools students has both ROV's and AMR's and calls both robots. Many of the college robot competitions on TV science shows or Robot Rivals are ROV's

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